#12:Fluid- “Kleenex, Kleenex, Everywhere!”

You know the saying, “Water, water everywhere”? Or the song too (which is about the sailors being stuck at sea with no drinking water)..? Well any who, I was just thinking of the actual saying when I came up with this idea, but I connected it to fluid and kleenex with believe it or not, some more arts and crafts! 

 I got out the trusty blue dye again and dyed about 15 kleenex blue, let them dry out in the sun,


then cut the kleenex into fringe so the kleenex would be more free flowing  to look like fluid water


Then glued them back to a poster board for the final product- “Water, water everywhere”!

Image over and out!

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#11: Fluid- Tye Dye Kleenex art

Trying to think of posts that would work with the directive of “fliud” connecting with kleenex took me a little bit, but I got creative with my arts and crafts yet again. I decided to make some tye dye kleenex- then I ended up glueing them back to a piece of plywood.  Fluid Artwork (literally)!  I forgot how messy dyes can be, but oh well! Blue and pink fingers for 2 days wasn’t too terrible!


First step was to put multiple rubber bands on the kleenex to get the cool tye dye ring effect when putting it in the dye


I used pink and blue dye







After letting the dye dry on the kleenex out in the sun, this is what they turned out like!


I then modge podged them back to a piece of plywood 


Final product! Didn’t know kleenex could be so good for art:)

That’s all!


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#5: No Directive- The Tissue Basket Tote

Not just any tissue.  Kleenex tissues are what this lovely bag is made of my friends.  A super soft, white fluffy purse that feels like a really light down pillow resting under your arm!  Check it out:




Ta-Da! even looks nice as a flower basket I think!  That’s all!

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#4: No Directive- Not another Flower…

But yes! Another flower…Except this one I think is done differently than you’re typical way to make flowers. SO I like flowers- What of it?  Any who, I decided to make a giant sunflower because I was daydreaming one of the last days in January about the summer time and childhood, and for some reason when I think of childhood, I think of sunflowers, riding the horses, and playing outside all day on a hot summer day.  So I made a big sunflower.  I used a big styrofoam ball and painted it brown for the center, then took hot glue and and push pins, cut up a bunch of kleenex with angled edges, then glued the kleenex to the styrofoam ball- Once I was done with that, I painted the kleenex pedals yellow to make it look like a real sunflower from a distance!  Here’s What I got:ImageDecorative watermelon works out nicely too!:)


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#3: No Directive- Kleenex Jewelzzzz

Hey arts and crafts, we meet again!  I don’t know about you, but I love some jewelry, and from time to time I’ll make jewelry for myself. So when I was stumped on what to post, I thought about something I loved, and decided to continue with the day dreaming and just make a Kleenex jewelry line!  I added some cool glass beads to them as well to dress them up a bit, and with the necklace.  It’s more comfortable than normal jewelry (obviously) and you can hardly tell you’re wearing anything because it’s light and extremely soft!  Take a look:



ImageKleenex pendant on Chain!  

Image  That’s all !


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#2- No Directive: Splatter paint Vase

I happened to be on an arts and crafts kick (like always) and decided to pull out the paint.  I’m also in need of some new home decor and I’m too broke to spend money on things like that right now. So I sat and pondered for about thirty minutes about kleenex, then came up with splattering paint on kleenex- I then decided to use that stuff called Modge Podge and paste it to a vase that has a candle sitting inside of it.  I thought it would look neat with the lights off and the candle shining through the kleenex and splattered paint- so I gave it a whirl and here’s what I got:ImageSplattering the paint

ImageThen Modge Podged the Kleenex to the vase!

ImagePut the candle back in it and sat it in my bathroom-

ImageAll lit up! 


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#1- Blue Carnation: No Directive

Not knowing what to do for our first post at the beginning of this year, I did what comes to every girl’s mind- Making a flower out of kleenex…. So I made a blue carnation and probably got a little more into it than I should have, but I liked the way it turned out!  Here are some pictures:Image

My step-step process

ImageImageImageImageFinal Product!


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#10- Fluid: Kleenex Fairy poem

Due to the wacky weather in January and February,

My nose resembles that of a berry.

From sixty-five degrees and the sun’s as yellow and bright as a canary, to sleet and snow

flurries; something quite extraordinary.

Distracted in class full of liquids out of the ordinary, I rummage through my purse to find

something temporary,

In hopes I’m lucky enough to find the Kleenex Fairy!

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#7- Repetition: Starry Night (My Version)

Although I’m no Picasso when it comes to being an artist, I’ve always had a love for art, and always try to attempt artsy/crafty projects anyway.  The repetition directive has really let my mind wander with the art curiosity I already have.  While thinking about it all, my mind crossed over of my favorite artists, Vincent Van Gogh-  I decided that I wanted to make my own version of Starry Night, but incorporating Kleenex into my artwork to create a sense of texture like Van Gogh’s work, and also to show my use of repetition with the Kleenex;

So, I painted a piece of cardboard blue, then cut about 15 sheets of Kleenex into small rectangles, and a couple of the sheets into circles.  I used the Kleenex rectangles almost like paper mache and used them for the moon, stars and wind like figures blowing across the picture.  I used modg podge as an adhesive to keep the kleenex on.  Repeating piece after piece of the rectangles glued to the painting created a cool texture.  I also like that Van Gogh uses somewhat of a repetition/echo effect around each shape in this painting- each star has echoing traces around them, the breeze echoes, the moon, and so on- I tried my best to show this with my not so artistic skills!  

Even though this took a whole lot longer than planned, I was very satisfied with the final product!

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#8-Repetition: Pointillism!

Once again I’m on an arts and crafts kick.  Lots of artists and styles come to mind when I think of repetition- specifically Andy Warhol with his famous repetitive Campbell soups and Marilyn Monroe paintings, as well as the Pointillism technique of art used by artists such as Claude Monet and George Seurat.  As most people know, pointillism is a technique of using small dots put together to make one large image.  Pointillism is a great example of repetition in artwork.

So I yet again attempted to make two flower portraits on kleenex sheets using the repetitive pointillism technique, as well as the alternating colors of the repetitive flowers on each Kleenex sheet, similar to Andy Warhol’s past pieces.  Not quite on their level, but I tried best I could!

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